Privacy Policy

On May 25th, 2018, a new Privacy regulation came into force. The regulation applies throughout the EU and the EEA, and aims to regulate when and how to process personal information about employees, customers, consumers, partners and other registrants.

The Personal Data Regulation requires greater transparency about who processes personal data about registered persons, allows registered persons to gain insight into the personal data being processed, enabling the registrants to require that incorrect information be corrected, deleted, etc. OmniPod has, as a result of the new Personal Data Regulation, prepared a policy on the protection of OmniPod’s users’ protection of personal information.

It is of great importance to OmniPod that OmniPod-users are comfortable with using the service. OmniPod’s privacy policy contains information about how and why OmniPod collects, uses, stores, shares and protects information related to the OmniPod site, OmniPod service or any applications (including mobile applications) collectively referred to as “the Service”, as well as OmniPod’s users’ conditions and rights in connection with the collection and use of personal information, including how OmniPod’s users can update and manage their data preferences, for example import and delete personal data.

We refer to OmniPod’s terms of use for general definitions, including, but not limited to, OmniPod, OmniPod’s services etc. as defined in OmniPod’s terms of use.

When you access or use the service you agree that OmniPod, regardless of your access method and regardless of your user type, processes personal information about you as specified in this policy.


The person responsible for processing your personal information is:

OmniPod ApS

Prinsessegade 21, 3. th

1422 Copenhagen K

CVR No .: 40125396

Contact info:



The legal basis for our processing of your personal data follows from Article 6 (1) of the Personal Data Regulation. 1 (a) and 9 (1) 2, e and f. You can find the Personal Data Regulation here:

When you sign up as a user on the service, you agree that OmniPod will process and store your personal information in accordance with this policy.


OmniPod handles multiple categories of information about you in order to provide you with our services. The type of information depends on how you use our App.

OmniPod collects and process general information and sensitive information including, inter alia, name, e-mail-address, age, location, etc. This will be information that you provide to OmniPod when using our product (e.g. when setting up an account). When using the service, you agree that you understand and accept that OmniPod provides a platform that you can use to record podcasts, listen to and view content, including audio files, images, comments, and other material (“user content”) on the service. This user content is shared publicly with other OmniPod users. This means that other users can search for, use and share the user content that you make publicly available via the service, in accordance with OmniPod’s terms of use and privacy policy.


OmniPod collects and process content and information that you specify when you create a OmniPod account or create or share content on the service. This includes but is not limited to email address, phone number, payment information, images, profile text, search criteria, location and location, properties, language features, and other information you provide through your user profile.


OmniPod collects and process content and other information, including but not limited to, information that you provide when using the service as well as when communicating with others on the service. This includes information about the content you create, upload or receive from others via the service. It includes, for example, but not limited to, instant messages you write and receive, photos, audio files, and other attachments you send or receive, create or comment on.

OmniPod also collects information about how you use the service, such as the type of content or users you search or interact with, including, but not limited to, frequency, your social media connections, your location, and duration of and use of the service.


OmniPod also collects information about the communications between you and OmniPod. When using the service you agree that you have understood and accepted that OmniPod sends you emails about the service, including confirmation of your account, offers, changes / updates to features of the service, technical comments, and security information. If you do not wish to receive OmniPod’s emails and notifications regarding promotions, offers and other, please send an e-mail to

In addition, OmniPod sends notifications through the App regarding content and behavior/actions on the platform, including new likes, new followers, new podcasts you might like etc. You can change the settings for the type and frequency of notifications in the App settings.


Finally, OmniPod collects a number of technical information about the devices you use to access the service. OmniPod collects device information including but not limited to your operating system, hardware versus, device settings, types of file and software names, battery and signal strength, device identifiers, device locations including specific location and location devices via GPS, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. OmniPod also collects information about the name of your device, ISP, browser type, language, time zone, mobile phone number, IP address, etc.


The purpose of the service is that OmniPod users can interact with each other through podcasts/audio clips, comments, likes, shares and direct messaging.

In this connection, by using the service you agree that the information you provide to the service or OmniPod’s users may in some cases be forwarded and accessible and used by other OmniPod users. OmniPod calls on OmniPod users to comply with the rules contained in the Personal Data Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council), but OmniPod cannot be held liable for any violation of the regulation or other national laws relating to the processing of your personal data from other OmniPod users .


OmniPod uses third-party analysis tools to measure traffic and usage trends for the service. The tools collect information sent by your device or service , including webpages you visit, add-ons, and other information that help OmniPod to improve the service. OmniPod collects and uses the analysis information together with analytical information from other users, so it is not possible to identify the individual user.


When you visit the service, OmniPod may use cookies and similar technologies, including but not limited to, for example, pixels, web beacons, and local storage, to gather information about how to use OmniPod, and to provide features available to you.

  • log information: OmniPod’s browser automatically reports log information whenever you request access to the service. Log file information is also reported when you download the contents of the service for your browser or device. When using the service, OmniPod’s servers automatically detect certain log information, including your web request, Internet Protocol, Internet Protocol, Internet Protocol, Referrals and URLs, Number of Clicks, How to Interact on Service, Domain Names, Landing Pages, Displayed Pages, and other similar information. . OmniPod also collects similar information from emails sent to you, which are then used to track which emails you open and which links you click. OmniPod uses the information for more accurate reporting and to improve the service.
  • Device IDs : When you use the device from a mobile device, such as a tablet , PC, or phone, open, upload files, monitor and save OmniPod one or more device IDs on your device or on an external storage. Device IDs are small data files or similar data structures that are stored on or attached to your mobile device, which are used for unambiguous identification of the mobile device. A device ID may be data stored for device hardware, data stored for device operating system, or other software or data that OmniPod sends to the device. A device ID provides information to OmniPod or a third party about how you review or use the service, and allow you to display reports or custom content and ads to you. Some of the features of the service may not work properly if the use of device IDs is disabled or disabled.
  • Meta data: Metadata is typically technical data associated with user content. Metadata can, for example, describe how and when specific user content has been collected and by whom and how the content is formatted. OmniPod collects and uses for example, but not limited to, metadata in an analytical context.


OmniPod’s overall purpose of processing your personal information is to share your data with other OmniPod users, according to the service’s features, as well as continuously improving and optimizing the terms of service and the OmniPod users both regarding the purpose of the service itself (uploading, sharing, listening, liking, following and commenting on Podcasts) as well as the technicalities of the service and commercial profiling.

OmniPod uses the collected personal information for, but not limited to, making surveys, testing functions, and analyzing data, to improve service with new products, features, performing troubleshooting activities, and the like.

OmniPod collects and processes your personal data in order to, but not limited to:

  • conform the service on various devices
  • find out which language you speak and match the app’s layout to this
  • show you advertisement you would find interesting
  • match the correct podcasts based on your preferences
  • give you access to limited and premium features in OmniPod
  • erase crashes and bugs based on your use of the app
  • find out what type of device you use and how often you go and use our services
  • to develop new technologies
  • protect all users from improper use of the services
  • collect cookies and pixel tags to enhance your user experience
  • compile generel statistics / analyzes for optimization of the service’s technicalities and profiling of the service, both for OmniPod’s users and any third parties, e.g. in marketing context.

OmniPod’s purpose of processing data is also to be at the forefront of the latest general standards and trends for UI, UX and design. By this, is your data is at the basis for creating an overall better experience with service.

In addition to the particular use described in this privacy policy, OmniPod possibly uses the information received from you to, but not limited to, giving you quick access to your information when you are logged on to verify the login, to investigate suspicious activity, investigate violations of OmniPods terms and policies, to remember information so you do not have to enter them again during your visit or the next time you visit the service, to display personalized content and information for you and others, including, for example online ads and other forms of marketing, to provide, improve, test and monitor service efficiency, to develop and test new products and features to monitor various parameters, such as total number of visitors, traffic and demographic patterns for constantly updating the service as best as possible, diagnosing and correcting technological issues, updating the OmniPod application the device automatically on your device, etc. OmniPod also uses the collected data to offer you shortcuts and suggestions adapted to your use.

Location settings, is also used by OmniPod, among other things, to offer you suggestions etc. with Podcasts related to areas near you or by promoting, for example, your proximity.


The information that OmniPod collects about you through the service is stored and processed including by OmniPod and OmniPod’s data processing providers, including, but not limited to, OmniPod’s affiliated companies or service providers. OmniPod’s affiliated companies (“Affiliated Companies”), service providers and data processing providers include:

  • Amazon: Amazon’s AWS servers save OmniPod’s data. You can access Amazon Terms here: . Amazon’s European Headquarters is located on One Kilmainham Square, Inchicore Road, Kilmainham , 8 Dublin 8 , IR COUNTRY.
  • ListenNotes API: ListenNotes is used as an integration to allow users to access podcasts from other platforms. You can find Listen Notes privacy terms here: . 
  • MeeW: MeeW is responsible for the technical development of the OmniPod app and other technical OmniPod services. MeeW tracks and remedies bugs, crashes, optimization capabilities, development capabilities, and other relevant technology data points to optimize and enhance UI, UX, design, and overall user experience. You can access MeeW’s terms here: . MeeW is headquartered on Vester Farimagsgade, 1606 Copenhagen


OmniPod, its affiliated companies, service providers, or data processing providers transmit the information that OmniPod collects about you, including the personal information you provide when using / creating a OmniPod account across countries borders and thus across your jurisdiction to other countries or jurisdictions worldwide, as OmniPod and its affiliated companies and service providers, according to the above, are geographically located in different countries. If you are in the United States, China, Russia, or other areas that have laws on the collection and use of data different from the laws of Denmark, please be aware that we may transfer information, including personal information, to a country or jurisdiction that may not have the same data protection laws as your existing jurisdiction.

When you register and use the service you agree to the exchange, used and disclosed personal information about you as described in this privacy policy in countries where OmniPod, its affiliates or service providers operate.

Only authorized employees with work-related needs at OmniPod and at OmniPod’s affiliated companies, service providers, or data processing providers have access to the collected personal data.


It is OmniPod’s task to ensure that personal data is encrypted during transit and storage, and that only a limited number of individuals whose work requires access to personal data has access to this data.

OmniPod takes reasonable steps (for example, by requesting a unique password) to confirm your identity before we give you access to your account. This is to ensure that your personal information is protected as best as possible. OmniPod cannot protect any information you transmit to OmniPod, or warrant that the service not be accessed, disclosed, altered or destroyed when OmniPod is a platform that aims to bring people / companies / podcasters together by sharing content and interacting. If you upload or share an audio clip/podcast on the platform or with another OmniPod user, OmniPod does not prescribe that these OmniPod users comply with applicable laws, including but not limited to, processing and retention of personal data. OmniPod, however, would like to encourage all OmniPod users to treat OmniPod’s users’ personal information confidentially and in accordance with the principles of this policy.

OmniPod will at any time anonymize your personal information whenever possible and expediently.


OmniPod does not, in principle, share or sell your information to third parties outside of OmniPod, its affiliated companies or service providers without your consent except in the specific situations stated in this policy, immediately below.

OmniPod may share user content and your information including but not limited to information from cookies, logs, device IDs, location data, and usage data) with entities legally belonging to the same group of companies as OmniPod or who may become part of this group (”Associated Companies“). The associated companies may use information to deliver content and improve the service (including through analytical data) and affiliated companies own services (including by providing you a better and more relevant user experience of use).

OmniPod may also share your information including, but not limited to, information from tools such as cookies, logs, and device IDs, and location data with third party companies that help OmniPod provide you with the service (“service providers”). Our service providers access your information to the reasonable extent necessary to provide the service.

OmniPod may also share certain information, including but not limited to cookie data, with third-party advertisers that OmniPod collaborates with. The information makes it possible, for example, for third-party ad networks to display targeted ads that may be of interest to you.

OmniPod removes the data parts that can identify you and share anonymous data with other parties. OmniPod may also combine your information with other information so that they are no longer associated with you and share these aggregated information.

OmniPod may share your personal information with public authorities, including prosecution, the police, municipalities, SKAT, and similar authorities in other jurisdictions that have a factual and specific interest in the use of the information found on OmniPod and if OmniPod in good faith is  required to disclose said information. This data is shared in accordance with applicable law in that jurisdiction. Be it instant messaging, contact information, etc.

By using the service you agree that you have understood and agreed that your data may be delivered and shared in accordance with the above-mentioned affiliated companies, affiliates and third parties, including, inter alia, public authorities.

If OmniPod sells or otherwise transfers all of or part of OmniPod’s assets to another company (for example: in connection with a merger, acquisition, bankruptcy, dissolution or liquidation), your information, for example, your name and your email address, your user content, and any other information collected through the service, will be included in the sale or transfer. Your user content still belongs to you. In case of a possible transfer of all or parts of the enterprise, the buyer or transferee is required, in principle, to have their attention on this privacy policy.


You can delete your personal information at any time by logging in to your profile via the service, clicking on your profile, opening your settings, and disabling your account.

OmniPod stores your personal data as long as you have been/are created as a user on the service or as long as necessary to fulfill OmniPod’s purpose of collecting the personal information as stated above under “What OmniPod uses your personal information”.

Information that OmniPod receives about you may remain for a longer period than indicated in this policy, if a legal request is made or under obligation from one of the above mentioned authorities for the purpose of investigation of a possible violation of OmniPod’s terms or policies or otherwise to prevent damage, fraud and other illegal activities.


By using the service, you have accepted the terms of use which dictates that one must be a minimum 18 years of age to use the service, unless your national law / jurisdiction indicates a lower age.

OmniPod therefore cannot be considered or held responsible for collecting and processing information from anyone below 18 years of age without legal or parental consent who would have given such persons authorization to register for the service. OmniPod does not, as a rule, do specific searches to identify users below 18 years of age. If OmniPod becomes aware that OmniPod has collected personally identifiable information from persons under the age of 18 years without legal consent or parental consent, OmniPod will, in this case obtain parental consent, or delete the user as fast as possible.

If you have knowledge of a OmniPod user below 18 years of age, or have information that OmniPod is in possession of information of an OmniPod users below 18 years of age, without legal or parental consent, please contact us at


OmniPod is not responsible for the procedures used on other websites or services that are available through links on OmniPods’s service, including the information or content on them. When you use a link to go from one service to another website or other service OmniPod’s privacy policy does not apply for these websites or services. When reviewing and interacting with a third party website or service, this will be done in accordance with the third party’s own procedures and policies. You agree that OmniPod is not responsible for, and has no control over any third parties that you grant access to your User Content.


You can always update your email data via your account by logging in and changing your settings.

To ensure the highest possible level of security, OmniPod will remind you that you are at all times responsible for securing your unique password and account information and for controlling access to emails between you and OmniPod. Your privacy settings may also be affected by changes made to any social media that you may use with OmniPod. OmniPod cannot be held responsible for the functionality of other companies or  the protection of personal information, and security measures, etc.

Any information or content that you voluntarily pass on to the service including but not limited to user content is made publicly available and controlled by the privacy settings you specify. If you want to change your privacy settings on the service, change your settings. Once you have shared user content or made it public others may share the information with others.

Depending on your profile and privacy settings others can search for any user content that you have made public. If you remove information that you have made public on the service, there may still be copies of the content in cached and archived pages of the service. Other users or third parties using OmniPod may have also copied and saved the information. It should be noted that OmniPod cannot be held liable for any other users that you have interacted with via the service, or who accesses your user profile and thereby become aware of your User Information, are complying with the applicable Personal Data Law.


Following the Data Protection Regulation, you have a number of rights in relation to OmniPod’s processing of your personal data. You have, among other things, the right for insight into the information processed about you and to know the purpose of the processing in which the information is disclosed. Further, you are entitled to know the time the information was stored or the criteria used to determine the period of time.

You always have the right to object to the processing of information about you, to oppose the use of your personal information for direct marketing / profiling , requiring correction, deletion or blocking of false or misleading information, and in some cases, upon request from you, to receive your personal information in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, and to obtain transferred these personal data from one data controller to another without any hindrance. You can read more about your rights in the Data Inspectorate’s guide on the data subjects’ rights, which can be found at .


You have the right at any time to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data back. You can do this by contacting us at

If you choose to withdraw your consent, it does not affect the legality of OmniPod’s processing of your personal information based on your prior consent until the time of withdrawal. If you withdraw your consent it will not be effective until this time.

OmniPod should make you aware that your consent is necessary if you wish to use the service. If you withdraw your consent, then it will not be possible to access the service.


Once your account has been closed or disabled, OmniPod stores your information (including your profile information) and your User Content for a minimum period of 6 months for backup, filing and / or checking and a maximum period of 1 year. After this, the information will be anonymized or deleted.

If you have made purchases via the service, information relating to your purchases is kept for up to 5 fiscal years after the purchase.


In case of an OmniPod user’s death please contact us at OmniPod typically handles inquiries of this type via e-mail. If OmniPod needs more information, OmniPod will contact you at the email address you provided in your request.


OmniPod reserves the right to continuously make changes or updates to this privacy policy. OmniPod therefore encourages you to review the policy on a regular basis. OmniPod notifies you of any changes or updates, as appropriate, where these are considered to be significant. By your continued use of OmniPod or OmniPod’s services after changes to the privacy policy, you agree to these changes.

You agree that OmniPod has the right to notify you of updated terms by posting them on the service and that, if you use the service after the date of entry into force of the updated terms, you accept the updated Terms. The updated terms and conditions will come into effect when they are posted or on any further specified date that may be specified in the updated terms and conditions and apply to your use of the service from that time.


If you wish to appeal against the processing of your personal information, please contact OmniPod. If you do not agree with OmniPod’s answer to your complaint, you can file a complaint with your NRA. Personal Regulation Article 77. In Denmark, the supervisory authority is the Data Inspectorate. You will find the Data Inspectorate’s contact information at . You also have the opportunity to bring the case before the national courts. However, please refer to OmniPod’s terms of use.

These terms have been updated on September 13 2020.