Unleash Your Creative Juices and Grow Your Podcast Audience with these 3 Easy-to-Follow Rules

How do I get people to listen to my podcast? Will there even be anyone interested in what I want to say? Or am I generally wasting my time?

Questions like these may give you as a podcaster anxiety and sleepless nights even before you get started with your show. After all, podcasts are here to be listened to by someone, to spark a conversation around a topic. To be entertaining, funny, thought-provoking. And inspiring.

These concerns are absolutely legitimate. But it would be sad if they keep you from becoming a podcaster. The first step is, therefore, to just get started. Because, let’s face it, you will have other things to worry about before you even get to the point of promoting your podcast. Such as finding the right topic, for example.

Yet, the process of gaining listeners doesn’t start after publishing the first couple of episodes, but goes along with the process. First of all, you have to know who your audience is and who you are producing podcasts for. You will certainly find like-minded people who have similar interests and like discussions about the same issues as you do. The magic lies within the ability to find them.

With that in mind, your strategy of promoting your podcast, which eventually leads to more listeners, should be split into three pillars, which are content, networking, and the aspect of time. These are corner stones of quality promotion and growth.

Make sure to not miss the details by having a closer look on what we mean by that! If you take into account the following three rules, nothing stands in your way to grow – and your stories to be heard!

Rule #1: Create Good Content

Or: build your house before trying to invite millions of guests.

Finding a topic that fits you is a start. But what counts even more is how you tell your stories and make your points. Consider the following aspects as key to quality content:

  • Be unique
  • Add to the conversation
  • Be creative

Your listeners want to be entertained, or distracted from their everyday lives, or learn something new. If you can offer this, people will stick to you and will want to return for more episodes, which should be your goal. Because you want to attract listeners in the long run and not only for one episode.

What also makes people keep listening is if you manage to convince them about your podcast in the first couple of minutes, or even seconds of an episode. You want to grab people’s attention immediately after they tune in. Open with a bang, with some good intro music, and be clear from the beginning what you will talk about.

One more tip is to release more than one episode at the time of launching your show. You want podcast listeners to get hooked, and if they like one episode, the possibility is high that they want to hear more. So why not start your podcast career with three episodes, for example?

Rule #2: Build Your Network

Or: make friends. Because that sounds way cooler than networking.

Being friends with someone takes an effort. It needs you to stay in touch, to connect, to care. You don’t want to stay friends with the other person only because you want something from them. That is not the purpose of friendship.  

It is the same with your podcast audience. Engage and connect with them. Create a community where everybody feels welcomed and comfortable. With today’s endless benefits of social media, this is not even that hard. Your focus shouldn’t be to overpromote your podcast. Your community wants to be part of the discussion, so engage them. Share fun stuff, ask questions, start conversations. And, of course, talk about your podcast. But not in a tiring way. Value your followers and don’t drown them in your podcast.

At the same time, it can be a huge benefit for yourself to join podcast communities. Not only will you get cool tips and the possibility to ask questions related to podcasts, but also chances to talk about your show from time to time. And you will notice that other podcasters struggle with the same challenges as you do. In addition, you might find people for interviews which you then can include in your podcast, or who want you as a guest in their own show. Actions like that can boost your reach because you have the chance to get into the other person’s network. Pardon – community. If you have never done an interview before, have a look at these tips and tricks that we recently shared with you.

Other communities you want to join are groups that are related to your topic. If you talk about mental health, find people who are interested in this topic as well. Because that’s exactly your target audience there. Join discussions and, from time to time, drop a line about your podcast. Potential listeners might be grateful about your contributions! If you can add to the conversation. See rule 1.

And one last tip, the one thing that most people don’t have in mind is that growth starts with your existing audience. Don’t forget your listeners who are already there! Include a call to action at the end of every episode you publish. Invite your listeners to subscribe to the podcast, follow you on social media or leave a review. Even more helpful are word-of-mouth recommendations. Ask your audience to tell one of their friends about your podcast.  Why not making a little competition out of it where the prize is to be mentioned in your next episode? Become creative in using your existing audience to expand your reach. 

Rule #3: Be patient

Or: Be committed. Because we all know that even Rome wasn’t built in a day.

We tend to not want to hear about being patient. But giving yourself time to grow your audience and making your podcast known is absolutely essential, if not the most important aspect. We get you; it can be annoying to invest a lot of time and effort in the production of your show and not seeing immediate results.

Don’t get discouraged, though! Being patient and not getting crazy over download numbers also gives you time to learn from your mistakes and make your podcast better. And remind yourself why you started recording – because you want to have fun and because you like what you do, right? Your listeners will notice that. As long as you go on with producing compelling content and be active in maintaining a good connection to your community, the efforts will pay off eventually.  

Bonus Tip

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