Welcome to 2021, the year where most of the world has finally gotten familiar with the podcasting phenomenon. And perhaps the year where you decided to become a podcast creators yourself. Or to grow your show and make podcasting your main business. Either way, and you might agree, we could all use a little bit of help with the realization of our podcast plans and dreams.   

Now, plenty of written and video content is available out there to draw knowledge from. Nothing against that. But, is there any better way to learn all about podcasting than, well, listening to podcasts? Not only is it a free resource but also a great opportunity to benefit from other podcasters and their broad experiences. And it’s a convenient way to improve your skills without sitting behind a screen watching videos and reading blogs.

To make it even easier for you, we pre-selected some fantastic podcast gems that cover all you need to know about podcasting. No matter the issues you have, you’ll surely find the solution or tip you need that will have you podcasting like a pro in no time. Dive in and take your podcast to the next level!

Podcraft – Honing the art of podcasting

If you’re at the very beginning of your podcasting career, Podcraft is the show which teaches you the podcast alphabet from A to Z. It gives you not just technical skills and knowledge but also a lot of inspiration and motivation to get started with your project.

The show covers a wide range of topics such as how long a podcast episode is supposed to be or how you nail an interview. Listening to this podcast will make you a better host, a better storyteller, and generally helps you to create the best podcast possible. A must-listen for every newcomer and advanced podcaster!

She podcasts

We need more female podcasters! That’s why She podcasts came into existence, a podcast for women, by women. Hosts Elsie and Jessica believe that women are faced with various challenges in getting their voices heard. With their podcast, they particularly want to encourage more women to join the podcasting business by giving useful tips and insights about all the aspects of running your show. Including chit-chat and banter of two powerful women who like to talk about everyday life as much as they talk about their most favorite thing in the world – podcasting.

These two ladies will follow you along your journey towards your own podcast and will be clear and honest about all the difficulties along the way. If you’re not yet part of their community, it’s time to check them out. Spotlight on for female podcasters!

Just one tip from your podcast performance host

How do you become a better podcast host? Tim Wohlberg, a podcast talent coach, is going to reveal the secret(s). Well, one at a time. Each episode offers one tip for current or soon-to-be podcasters about whatever question pops up at the start of your podcasting career.

Tim uses his more than 25-year radio and broadcasting experience to make you a better podcaster. Technical issues, improving your hosting skills, or growing your audience, he can tell you something good about everything. Not kiddin’. He’s the master. And the best part about the show? All the episodes are no longer than 5 minutes. A perfect companion for your morning coffee routine.  

Podcaster’s Roundtable

From time to time, a group of podcasters come together and discuss podcasting, the latest podcast news, and issues podcasters nowadays face. And we can all eavesdrop on them. Welcome to the Podcaster’s Roundtable!

By listening to this show, you’ll improve as a podcaster – guaranteed! Because what’s better than learning from the experiences of other people who do the same as you do. Each roundtable features a new podcaster from the listeners’ community, a great addition to the discussion round that makes us learn about the real issues podcasters face and how we can find solutions to these challenges. Who knows, maybe it’s you who joins the roundtable the next time?

The Podcast Engineering Show

Every podcaster has at least once in their career asked themselves about what microphone to use. Or what software to edit their audio with. Or how much money it’s worth to spend on other technical equipment. Are you one of them? Then search no more for answers, but listen to the Podcast Engineering Show!

Host Chris with his vast background in sound production and his guests are the tech cracks you need, for all the questions you have. Because we’ve all struggled with the perfect audio quality or recording software. No reason to panic. Tune in and profit from the experts of the Podcast Engineering Show!

Inside Podcasting

Here’s where it gets interesting and honest. Where fears and joy of a podcast host come together. Where we get the real insight into podcasting. All you need to do: Put Inside Podcasting on your playlist.

Skye Pillsbury, the host of the show knows how to reveal the best-kept secrets of other podcast hosts. In each episode, she invites podcast hosts from other shows who come and talk about the ups and downs of being a podcast creator, and about what you should ask Barack Obama before interviewing him. The list of backstage insights is endless and makes this show truly entertaining.

Did we forget another great podcast about podcasting? Let us know, we want to hear your recommendations!