OmniPod’s Podcast Suggestions for Valentine’s Day – Inspired by Love, Relationships, and Breakups

Can you feel the love around the corner? It’s Valentine’s Day! For some, a day to celebrate love and happiness, for others, a day like normal. Or worse, a drama, an unhappy place for unhappy memories accompanied by heartbreaking thoughts.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, we have some suggestions on how to spend Valentine’s Day. Whether it is alone, or together with your sweetheart. Whether you are single, in the middle of a break-up, happily married or glad you finally got rid of your ex. Our podcast tips for Valentine’s Day cover all the love-topics and have the potential to entertain you to the fullest. Or distract you. No matter what you need.

Let’s dive in! And HAPPY VALENTINE to all the lovebirds and cheerful singles out there.

Modern Love

What started as a weekly column in The New York Times has now become a book, a television show – and a podcast. Modern Love tells real stories about the love lives of random people out there. Notable actors like Daniel Radcliffe or Jake Gyllenhaal join the hosts and read and analyze essays about first dates, unconventional relationships or coming outs as gay or transgender. Entertaining with some level of seriousness, as topics also cover domestic violence, for example. 

Dear Sugars

“Radically empathic advice” – that is what you get if you give Dear Sugars a listen. How can we deal with body negativity and become satisfied with ourselves and our looks? Do seniors still have an erotic life and how can we dispel certain myths about this topic? And why are we jealous in relationships? Hosts Cheryl and Steve keep their promise of giving insightful and compassionate advice and tackle these and more questions that have been asked by their audience. Maybe even yours?


Nancy is one of today’s leading podcasts in exploring the life of queers and their experiences. Kathy and Tobin identify themselves as “super queer” and are therefore the best presenters of this show. Together with their listeners, they cover all kinds of topics. Conversations and discussions turn around coming outs, sex toys or growing up gay in a Christian community. Not only is Nancy an entertaining and deep-going listen, but even more an important contribution towards more acceptance of the LGBTQ community!


When it comes to love, being committed is not easy, and ups and downs are order of business for most existing relationships. However, if you listen to Committed, your problems might look like peanuts. Host Jo Piazza reads real stories and interviews couples about how they have overcome biggest challenges, and still want to wake up next to each other every morning.

Unfortunately, every relationship has to deal with problems of all kinds, bigger and smaller ones. If you feel that there is no solution in sight, dive into Committed, see how other couples do and maybe your challenges don’t even seem so big after all.

Breakup BOOST

Breakup BOOST is thought to be a treat for all the heartbroken people out there. Or for those who want to get rid of their current partner in a “good” way. If we’re allowed to say so in this context… Trina, the host, is definitely your best friend during and after a breakup. Because she’s a trained breakup coach. Yes, that’s a thing.

Trina will help you fix your heart and move forward. Our advice as non-experts: stop texting your ex that you want him or her back, and start listening to Breakup BOOST. This is a real treat.

Anna Faris is Unqualified

Compared to Trina and her tips, Anna is probably a bit less qualified to really get you through your relationship problems. Instead, the entertainment level of this podcast is over the top, guaranteed! And Anna’s guests, compared to herself, are qualified through and through. She invites sex coaches, psychologists and dating specialists to discuss all about relationships, so that her own maybe not-so-great relationship advice can be met with experts who know what they’re talking about.   

Savage Lovecast

This weekly podcast has existed nearly as long as podcasts in general have existed and has reached almost 750 episodes by now. This is old, in the podcast world.

Savage Lovecast is a call-in advice series where listeners can ask their love and relationship questions. Sex columnist Dan Savage gives pragmatic and sometimes very graphic answers. No censorship and straightforward, so expect a lot of open talk.

Dating Diaries: Quarantine Confessions

Dating is a generally complicated thing, sometimes. And it surely hasn’t become easier in a global pandemic where we are all told to keep distance and stay at home. But hey, you’re not alone in this!

Dating Diaries provides you with an escape out of isolation and explores the minds and hearts of singles who are stuck at home. If you’re longing for some human connection and feel ready to try out new, Corona-like ways of dating, find out how other people do through this genuinely great show.

Beautiful Stories from Anonymous people

The concept of this podcast is easy: we get to hear a phone call between an anonymous person and the host of the show, comedian Chris Gethard. The only rule is that Chris is not allowed to end the call. And that the call must be about an hour long.

Not every person talks about love and relationships. But many do, since this topic is a big part of our lives. Anonymous callers tell stories of being a young, single punk rock mom or how it is to break up with someone during a pandemic. And much more worth listening to!

Love is like a plant

If love is like a plant, how can we help it grow? This is the question that the hosts of this podcast ask. What does it mean to love, and how can we keep feelings alive? This podcast will teach us about it in good, bit-sized portions.

The show goes much into detail by talking about staying in relationships just for the fear of being alone, for example. Or what it feels like to be ghosted. And why sex with your ex is happening more often than we imagine. There’s something to discover for everybody, and for whatever situation you have to get yourself distracted from, for sure.

Death, Sex and Money

This sounds slightly dreadful. As it can be, when you talk about the big stuff. This podcast deals with hard questions that are usually left out of normal conversations – relationships, money, work, and much more. Whether it is the value of money in a relationship or reasons why we cheat, the hosts go deep and investigate essential stuff in everybody’s lives that we don’t talk about. Usually.

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