NomadlandMankThe Trial of the Chicago 7. No, don’t look for these titles in your podcast app. Because this weekend, the world talks about movies, and so do we. The 93rd Academy Awards ceremony took place on Sunday, April 25, two months later than usual due to the current pandemic. But not at all with less glamour and prestige we know from Hollywood. 

Of course, we also want to talk about podcasts. Hollywood might still be on hiatus in these special times, but podcast production has reached a new high and is a good alternative to keep film buffs engaged during the pandemic. Podcasters all over the world love to talk about movies, and people love to hear all about it. Whether you’re aiming for a good Oscar talk with your friends or dive more into Hollywood’s history, there’s a show for you. 

Sometimes, choosing podcasts to listen to can be as hard as scrolling through your Netflix account, on the lookout for what to add to your watch queue. That’s why we’ve got you covered with a little bit of podcast inspiration and picked out nine shows about movies that you shouldn’t miss out on. Chances are high that you even stumble over some good film suggestions for your next movie night.

So, get your headphones out for some awesome movie talks – and don’t forget the popcorn!


The gold standard and absolute number one podcasts for a lot of movie fans is without further questions You Must Remember This. The show explores the secrets and forgotten stories of Hollywood’s first century. Every episode tells another incredible anecdote about the life of Hollywood and its people who often have been misrepresented or disregarded. After host Karina Longworth announced a break last year, the show is finally back with new episodes starting on May 4. In the meantime, there’s enough material available to dig in the archives, such as an episode about Charlie Chaplin and his relationship with early 20th century celebrity Peggy Hopkins Joyce. 


How, and especially why, did this movie get made? This question has to be asked, sometimes. And in the case of this particular podcast, the question gets a lot of attention. The hosting trio Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas want to hear about terrifically bad films that make our insides cringe. In each episode, the hosts together with chosen guests deal with another terrible production and untangle the plot in a comical and refreshing way. Bad movies can be hilarious, after all. 


It seems that the producers of How did this get made didn’t only want to talk about bad movies, so they decided to come up with another show, which focuses on Hollywood’s all-time greats. The hosts, actor & comedian Paul Scheer and film critic Amy Nicholson have been watching their way through the American Film Institute’s Top 100 movies. And discovered that half of the films do not belong there. So they made their own ultimate list, and want to tell the world about their personal greatest of all times. Definitely a place to find a lot of precious movie gems if you have your friends over the next time!


Every week, four black people come together and review the ins and outs of Black films, with a touch of humor, but also with much relevant discussion about the Black film industry. The idea of the podcast developed out of a silly Facebook conversation back in 2012, and up until now, the show has become an important and unique voice of Black people about black films. One of the best episodes deals with Oscar winner “12 Years a Slave”, and a recent discussion turned around this year’s Academy Award nominee for best picture, Judas and the Black Messiah, that tells the story of the betrayal of a Black Panther party member. Our conclusion: highly entertaining and an important topic to talk about! 


How do you write a good script for a movie? What makes movie titles great and how can bad ones take a whole production down? And why is writing opening scenes so important? John August and Craig Mazin who have been in the screenwriter business for more than 20 years will tell you all their secrets and more random advice straight from the lion’s mouth. 


Shock Waves is here to quench your insatiable thirst for all things horror!” And Shock Waves holds what it promises. Every week, the hosts discuss and analyze news and facets of the horror genre and welcome special guests from the industry to talk about the latest topics. Spooky chills and goosebumps are guaranteed, and nothing stands in your way for your next horror movie night. 


What’s up in Hollywood? Usually a lot, which doesn’t make it easy to have the overview. The Business helps to keep up with the latest industry news and major developments in the film scene. If you want to become a true insider and want to show off your film and celebrity knowledge, this is the podcast for you. Not only will you learn about the latest gossip, but also hear in-depth videos with directors, producers, writers, and actors. 


The show fully covers what we expect from the title – discussions about movies that we can’t stop watching. It started in 2015 when two friends chose to dive deeper into their favourite movie “Heat”. Out of this, they established a new podcast and are since then, with rotating guests, review movies worth re-watching. Everything is coming to the table, most rewatchable scenes, best quotes, film settings, and much more. From “The Godfather” and “Furious 7” to making disastrous jokes fly high in a discussion about “Titanic”, The Rewatchables hosts explore the joy to be found in pressing that play-button again and again (and again). 


Many great movies and actors have been awarded an Oscar over time. However, many great pieces worthy of getting that prestigious award have been forgotten somewhere in the process. Film and entertainment writers Joe Reid and Chris Feil are talking about these movies that once upon a time had big-time Academy Award aspirations – and were simply overlooked in the nominations, or didn’t meet the expectations. This is a must on every Academy Award fan’s podcast list, with additional news and background knowledge of what was going on behind the scenes of this annual movie award show.