7 Not-at-all-Cheesy Podcast Recommendations to Celebrate CHEESE LOVERS DAY

The podcast universe offers all sorts of different topics and issues that millions of hosts regularly talk about. Also things that we are confronted with in our everyday lives – such as CHEESE.

There are few foods that have such a rich history as cheese, which goes back to 8’000-10’000 years. It is said that cheese was, as a matter of fact, discovered accidentally because of the way milk was stored at that time. Despite these mysterious origins, cheese making soon after became a common practice, and today, estimates indicate the existence of over 1’800 different types of cheese in the world. Switzerland alone produces around 450, however, the country in Europe where most cheese is eaten is France. In 2019, the yearly average consumption of cheese was 26 kilos per person.  

The best time to honor our favorite food is CHEESE LOVERS DAY on January 20th. On that day, we eat a lot of cheese, of course. And, imaginably, choose to do our favorite activity by listening to tons of podcast episodes. About cheese, True Crime and everything else can wait.

Have a look at our podcast recommendations! We ensure, they are definitely not cheesy and boring.  

Little Green Cheese | Cheese Making at Home

Momentary lockdowns all over the world gives you time to try something new in your life. What about making your own cheese? We found you the best support for this undertaking. Let us introduce Gavin Webber, an Australian Cheeseman who is crazy about cheese. He started to make cheese by himself back in 2009 and, drawing from his 11 years of experience, now shares recipes with his listeners.

In his podcast, Gavin gives tips, easy-to-follow instructions and his best advise so that you will certainly be successful if you go on a little cheese-making adventure. From Emmentaler and Camembert to Cheddar, he made them all and he also tells us which mistakes to avoid during the process. And the taste apparently is so good that you never want to buy cheese from the store again. According to Gavin.  

Cutting the Curd

Which cheese fits best to a movie night? What is the perfect grass for cows to give tasty milk? And how does cheese help us to get through COVID-19? If there is any podcast about cheese out there that helps finding answers to these questions, it’s Cutting the Curd. The hosts, passionate cheese lovers, discuss the latest news about cheese and dairy topics, together with their guests, notable cheesemakers, cheesemongers and other enthusiasts. The topics are informative, pepped with humor and occasional irreverence, which makes Cutting the Curd an enjoyable listen for all other cheese lovers out there.

That’s Some Cheese

If someone says to you “that’s some cheese”, this person probably assumes that you’ve just told him or her the biggest bullshit out there.

Apart from the relation in the name, the podcast That’s Some Cheese really has nothing to do with actual cheese. Not even with food. Host Trey Daubert is a big sports fan and has strong opinions about what he believes in or not. Even if someone is telling him that what he says is some cheese, he is not going to change his point of view.

As a cheese lover, you might not like this podcast so much. Maybe you like sports such as football, basketball or baseball, then you should definitely have a listen. We appreciate the name, though.

Cheese Chats

The video podcast Cheese Chats is pretty straightforward – chats about cheese. Not only about cheese, but about traditions, British farming and sustainable agriculture. In each episode, the hosts visit guests at their homes to discuss these topics and to dive deeper into the world of cheese and whatever else it takes for the existence of cheese. We can guarantee that there’s a lot to learn, if you are interested in farmhouse culture.

Cheese Underground Radio

The goal of the hosts of Cheese Underground Radio is simple: Have fun, do good, eat cheese. And also talk about cheese, of course.

A great variety of topics is presented to the audience, all centered around cheese traditions in Wisconsin, USA.  Such as what making cheese in copper kettles and not stainless-steel vats is doing to the product. And why cheesemaking is still mainly an occupation for men. The hosts also claim that you should absolutely move to Wisconsin because of these squeaky fresh cheese curds that are sold everywhere. We take note of that…

Herds and Curds

Do goats dream? In case you’ve asked yourself this question, you can find some answers by listening to Herds and Curds. The hosts explore cultural traditions and innovations and relations between animals and humans. And if you want to know more about cheese production techniques and practices, you’re all set with this podcast. Each episode gives the listeners a chance to follow a conversation between the hosts and farmhouse cheese makers as well as small dairy producers from all over the world. It’s time to enrich your cheese knowledge!

Beef & Cheese Discuss

Yes, we admit. Another show that is not at all related to cheese. But you should absolutely know about Beef, who is called Andy, and Cheese, whose name is Tom. They are friends, both have beards, and so it happens that they talk about the really important stuff in the world while occasionally drinking a beer or two. Or three.

A lot of things are on the plates of Beef and Cheese which needs time to discuss. Annoying habits, their favorite 80s movies, weird phobias, and conspiracy theories are only a few of them. Up until now, only four episodes are published, so we can expect much more fun of these two dudes in the future!

And now we suggest that you make yourself comfortable, get some delicious cheese and turn up the volume to enjoy some fantastic podcast episodes. You can conveniently listen to all the shows in the OmniPod app.

Let us know your favorites!