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For a surprisingly long time, podcasts didn’t get the attention they actually deserve. If you haven’t been one of these countless podcast addicts yet, it’s about time to introduce you to the world of audio episodes. Because it’s all of your favorite blogs, articles, shows, and topics in one. You choose where and when you want to tune in, and what you want to listen to.

If you are unsure whether to join the trend or not, here are five simple reasons why there are no excuses to not be part of the podcast universe. And for you who’ve already caught fire, let’s recap why.


1) Because it’s free.

Don’t we all love free things?

2) Because other people do.

Honestly, this is not really a reason. At first. As individuals, we usually strive for uniqueness and not for copying others in what they do. Yet, this is different with listening to podcasts, we think.

As of October 2020, podcast producers provided the world with over 34 million podcast episodes in total, a number which will grow more in the future. To compare, Netflix has about 14’000 titles in its movie and series library. And we thought Netflix was big…

There is something out there for everybody, that’s for sure! And it can be worth going on a discovery tour and join the worldwide podcast community. In the US alone, more than 55% of all the people have listened to a podcast at least once in their lives, and almost 40% are regular consumers.

3) Because it allows multi-tasking.

And while discovering podcasts, you can basically do anything. Well, maybe not too complicated tasks which require all your brain’s attention. However, listening to a podcast can make the most boring activities, such as cleaning or commuting, to adventurous and exciting experiences. And weight lifting at the gym as well as taking a walk in nature will turn into inspiring entertainment.

4) Because you learn something.

Do you want to know more about why popcorn actually pops? Or how to fix your very old laptop, since you don’t have finances to get a new one? There is a podcast out there that will tell you everything, for sure.

In addition, there is no need of picking up a newspaper anymore. And there is also no need to click and swipe through your countless apps in search for the latest news. Most of the big news companies have started to publish podcasts, where they summarize the most important things to help you being updated. You’re not only learning something; you can even minimize your screen time.

5) Because podcasts stimulate mental imagery.

Your brain needs to work harder to imagine situations or scenes compared to when you watch a movie. In that sense, podcasts actually train your brain. For free! See point 1.

By the way, reading books is similarly effective. But they are heavy to carry. And definitely make things more complicated with multi-tasking.


Bonus tip: Because it can inspire you to create your own podcast.

If you’re still not able to find your favorite topic in the audio file jungle, it could be worth considering starting your own podcast. Despite the massive amount of already published episodes, there are still thousands of stories out there which are just waiting to be told! What are you waiting for?